This Friday Veterinary Nurses from around the UK and beyond will descend on the Telford International Centre in Shropshire for the 2019 BVNA Congress.

Organised by the British Veterinary Nursing Association, this annual event takes place this year from the 11th – 13th October 2019 and is an essential date to put on your calendar if you are Veterinary Nurse, or are studying to become one.

BVNA Congress undoubtedly delivers an outstanding CPD program, with a great line up of speakers, workshops and fringe events over the three days. However, what really sets Congress apart this year is the focus upon the person and helping to give veterinary nurses the framework needed to do their job to the best of their ability, whilst enjoying their choice of career and the wonderful people that go with it.

This year’s keynote speaker is Kate Atkin MSc who will be talking to attendees about ‘imposter syndrome’. If you have you ever felt a nagging doubt that you could be ‘found out’ not to be good enough, or if you feel your successes are down to luck or timing, then you’re not alone. You’ve experienced the crippling effects of imposter syndrome and it happens to the best of us—even if you’ve never heard of it!

Imposter syndrome makes us think irrationally about our aptitudes and performance and when undertaking the work that you have been hired to do, confidence in your own ability is crucial for good performance. The irony is that the further you go in your career, the more opportunities there are for imposter syndrome to rear its ugly head, but it’s always important to remember – you have got to where you are today because of your own individual strengths, skills and abilities. We’re looking forward to hearing Kate’s talk and hearing what she has to say.

There’s a great line up of social events too at this year’s BVNA Congress. From the ‘Movie Mania’ competition at the BVNA stand, to the tantalising social occasions taking place each night, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for fun, to be entertained, to make new contacts and hopefully new friends!

There are also over 100 exhibitors at BVNA Congress this year, so make sure you take the opportunity to see what’s new in the industry – the new science, new products and new trainings, all of which will give a glimpse of the future of veterinary nursing.

Veterinary nursing is true vocation. It’s a job that brings great emotional rewards and if you love animals, few things could be better than a life dedicated to their care and welfare.  However, it may be reassuring to know that the career opportunities open to RVN’s are not limited to those with scrubs as a dress code – there are countless animal-related career opportunities for veterinary nurses outside of nursing itself. Indeed, Kay Ritchie – one of our expert recruitment consultants – is herself an RVN. However, Kay decided to put her career on a different path and put her vast knowledge and experience to work elsewhere in the animal health industry. Perhaps you are thinking about making a similar move? If so, please do get in touch – finding the right jobs in animal health for the right people is what we do and we can help bring your career to a whole new level.

Our MD Tony Noble will be at BVNA Congress on the 11th of October. If you would like to make an appointment to chat in confidence about your career plans and dreams, then please do get in touch. Tony would be delighted to meet with you.