Motivation can be a tricky thing to find. One day it is there, and the next, it is gone, affecting everyone from time to time. It is quickly impacted by all kinds of outside influences, the season, personal life, and additional stresses, but if you’re on the hunt to find your inspiration again and help keep yourself motivated at work when the projects are piling up but the week is running ahead, then read on below for our top tips on keeping your mojo at work! 

Set Smaller Goals

If a heavy workload is impacting your motivation, then time to break up the pressure. If we have set goals for ourselves that are unattainable, it is a fast track to feeling deflated and derailed. Evaluate the workload you have for today, write the trusty to-do list, but then highlight three things you want to get accomplished today. By bringing the focus back to the essential individual tasks rather than the overall work needs, the focus required is more accessible, and it allows you not just to accomplish tasks but do them with a sense of pride as you know you’ve done them well rather than rushed. Plus, ticking a to-do list task is an instant dopamine hit! 

Regular breaks

If work is feeling overwhelming and you need help to get started, then plan in time to pause! It may sound counterintuitive, but by scheduling regular short breaks into your day before you get started and knowing that a break is just around the corner can be a real positive motivator in getting you going when you’re struggling to find the inspiration to start. It also can help rally you up to get a task completed before your next scheduled break! 

The benefits of taking a break, whether to walk for 5 minutes, step outside or move, also has a substantial biological benefit alongside the mental aid. Our bodies begin to feel sluggish and tired if sitting for too long, by moving, even if just a walk to get a glass of water and back, is enough to get your blood flow pumping again and gives your body a quick boost! 

Morning Routines

Set yourself up for success. The start of your day has a considerable impact on the rest of your day. So if the morning feels like a rush and raises your stress levels, look at what you can do to regain control. If it’s preparing the night before, getting up earlier, or removing morning distractions that slow you down, make a plan to start the day to set you up for success. 

Small acts of routine can provide a sense of control, from ensuring you make your bed every day or preparing your lunch to stop last-minute rushed purchases. Other morning tasks can just make you feel better about yourself, such as exercise or taking time to do your skincare routine. Find the morning tasks that give you a sense of control, pride and satisfaction and build them into a daily routine to make sure you’re starting your day with that pep in your step. 

Seek inspiration

Whilst most motivation is something we generally hold power to, we can also source external inspiration that helps to invigorate or energise us. For some, it can be learning or engaging in a topic that really inspires them. Is there an area of your career that you’d love to know more about? Can you schedule a time to learn or work with colleagues to keep developing those skills? Or are there new books or digital learning that you can bring to your work to help you feel like you’re progressing and growing your talents?

For a quick fix, another external motivator can be music! Sticking your headphones on and choosing some music that you find positive and energetic can help get your motivation and energy flowing! 

Time for a new Challenge

If work has begun to feel repative or flat, it may be time for a new challenge. If motivation is lacking not because of the above suggestions, it could be that you are seeking a new challenge to help you feel engaged and inspired. 

Reflect on what your job is if there are areas you love doing and if there are areas that are really starting to put you off the role. Evaluate what you would like to see your day-to-day role looking like and action it! If it’s that you’re ready for more, speak to your employer, let them know you’re ready to take more on or ask to develop new skills to help you progress to the next level. 

Or if it feels bigger than that and you’re ready for a new challenge or role, it could be time to reflect if you’re ready for a bigger change. Are there any companies that you’ve always aspired to work with? Is there a role that you feel ready to progress into? This could be the time to start looking at vacancies and seeing if these roles spark your motivation for a fresh challenge! 

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