Tell us a little about you

Currently, I live between Ireland and the UK, where I share a home with my partner Oli and Reggie, our rescue crossbreed dog. We started fostering for the Dogs Trust not long before the pandemic and Reggie came to join us just before lockdown began. We knew after a few weeks he was a fantastic addition to our little family and so we officially adopted him in July!

I am horse mad and always have been. Growing up I was a keen rider and showjumper, before also becoming an instructor and then going on to take Equine and Business Studies in my further education. These days I have retired from riding but am still very much passionate about horses and continue this on the ground, with breeding and the training of my own horses. I find the genetics side of the breeding world fascinating and can completely geek out on this subject.



Where did your career start and how did it evolve to where you are now?

My career started after I left Berkshire college of Agriculture, from there I stayed working within horses and used to coach, teach, and compete for a living myself. It was at this point that I also realised how much I loved the business side of the operations and wanted to pursue that aspect of my career.

I then began my first role in recruitment, initially in IT recruitment back in Dublin, before moving on to Sales and Marketing. I found a lot of joy and reward in helping to find a successful match and solution for businesses. It was then I knew I wanted to bring this passion and combine it with my personal passion for animals and equine, with a company like Noble Futures.

What do you enjoy about recruitment?

Whilst I no longer actively recruit now, and that is in the hands of our fantastic consultants, I’m still very much involved here at Noble Futures and so I still love seeing the right match for a client and a candidate come together. Seeing both succeed and excel from lining up a great fit, is brilliantly rewarding.

What do you enjoy about working in the animal-related industries?

Animals and equine is a complete passion of mine. It is what I studied at college, it was and still is my personal past time and so combining this with my career is fantastic. I am still fascinated in learning more and intrigued in all aspects of the industry. Whether that’s the companion animals to the production animal side, I really enjoy observing and following the trades and the differences of what can happen across the industry. I enjoy watching the market trends, the adaptions, and changes plus all the new products and services coming out to market.


Noble Futures Lounge at London Vet Show 2019

What do you look for in a candidate?

A true passion and interest. A genuine interest in the role and its industry can really overcome some of the more simple shortfalls.

What is the one thing you think every CV should have?

Your personal interest and hobbies! I know this is a subject hotly debated on LinkedIn frequently but I strongly believe a CV alongside the traditional information should represent you and really showcase who you are. Hobbies and interests can give a great insight into you as an individual.

What’s your top career advice?

Know what you want to achieve and make sure you are in the right environment to achieve it.

If you’d like Noble Futures to help you find the right career match and the right environment to achieve your career goals, please give us a call today on 0161 820 3510 or email us on [email protected], where we would love to help.