Introducing the Veterinary and Agriculture Networks!

Back in March 2020, Noble Futures were due to host one of our first live Networking events whilst at the VMA Awards. Sadly we all know why this and many other events got canceled, but it didn’t stop our disappointment from the excitement we had at helping our candidates develop greater networks and boosting their networking skills.

So since March, we have been working hard behind the scenes to understand how we can continue to support and bring accessible networking to our audience. So alongside our new live online events, we have also created two brand new online Networks, these are the Veterinary Network and the Agriculture Network. Currently, both are available on Facebook and also LinkedIn, for you to choose the online space you are most comfortable with.

Our aim of these networks is not to use them as a Noble Futures platform but instead to create groups that allow a community to share, discuss and connect. The space is open to post industry-based news, discussions, opportunities, wellness, and support.

We are also working to deliver you insightful content across these groups and introduce you to some industry leaders who have agreed to kindly share their content across the Networks. Currently, we have 3 fantastic contributors lined up, Flavian Obiero, who will share some brilliant insights, plus some of his popular articles within the Agricultural world, Navaratnam Partheeban, BVEDS founder and large animal vet now based in industry and Lynn McKeown, a leadership coach who has worked with companies in the past such as Aer Lingus and Zoetis and now supports GPs and Veterinary Clinics across the country with her brilliant and award-nominated career coaching.

We are really excited about the content they will be providing but both the Veterinary Network and Agricultural Network will always remain open to all contributions and we’d love to see your thoughts and discussions too!

We also have big plans for the future of these groups, with discussions currently on how to deliver you live virtual networking groups, dedicated live Q&A events, and much more!

We’d love for you to join the networks and help build a fantastic community! You can find them here:

Veterinary Network

LinkedIn –

Facebook –


Agriculture Network

LinkedIn –

Facebook –