We are experiencing a unique and, in some ways, unprecedented series of events. Not only did Brexit leave a gaping hole in our political and economic uncertainty – the bedrock of business success – now we have coronavirus, which the UN chief has tagged as the biggest global crisis since WWII.

At the time of writing, the UK (and every other country affected by Covid-19 for that matter) is desperately trying to ‘flatten the curve’ and so prevent overwhelm in the NHS. There is some evidence that the extreme (and necessary) measures the government has put in place are starting to have an impact and we desperately hope that crisis will reach a turning point very soon. But the status of coronavirus spread is not the purpose of this article. Some simple advice if you’re currently searching for a job is.

The government has put in place exceptional support measures for employees and businesses, which are absolutely warranted. The purpose being to keep people in their jobs during these exceptional times, in the hope that once we have got through this, the economy can pick itself up, dust itself off and get back to relative normality.

For people searching for a new role, whether you’re currently in employment or not, these uncertain times will bring new pressures. We are finding that many companies are putting hire decisions on hold. Many individuals with resignations submitted are in a dilemma. One could argue that

hunting for a job is never easy, but it certainly won’t be more challenging than in a time of crisis. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There’s still a lot to be positive about and to look forward to once the crisis abates – animal health is a booming (and some would argue a semi-recession proof) industry as people rate the care of their animals as a necessity, not a luxury.

So, if you are currently searching for your dream job or your next big career move, there is a lot you can do right now to get ahead of the curve.

Top tips for job hunting in these uncertain times

  • Adjust your job search plan and timeline

While we can’t yet see what the full impact of current events will be, we do know that hiring processes are being disrupted. This will impact all stages of the process, from networking meetings being pushed out to interviews and offers being delayed.

It’s important to remain flexible and continue to follow up with your contacts or the organisations you’re in conversation with to ensure that you can get meetings or interviews back on the calendar as soon as possible. Move networking meetings to virtual platforms like Zoom or Skype and spend some time developing your skills so you can ace a video interview.

And be sure to build in some buffer to your job search timeline, because with all the schedule disruption going on, it’s very likely that the process will take longer than you may have planned for.

  • Have a contingency plan

When you’re job searching, it’s always a good idea to make some contingency plans, if only to shore up your confidence that you know you have a plan B if things don’t go as you expected. If your search ends up taking longer than you planned, what will you do? Taking on temporary or contract work, proactively tapping your network for consulting opportunities, and temporarily reducing your expenses are all good things to consider if you haven’t already made those moves.

  • Stay optimistic

Thinking positive is a winning state of mind. Make sure you’re doing everything you can to protect yourself, your family and your community during the current crisis, and frame your mental attitude to be a positive one. We will get through this and you have what it takes to get the job you deserve and help your new employer to succeed. Having an optimistic outlook will be attractive to potential employers. Make sure at interviews you show how resilient you are and how you can cope with adversity. These will be sought-after traits in the coming months.

  • Be proactive

It’s important you remember to be proactive. Do your research and check whether your preferred sector is advertising and send out tailored applications to the companies you want to work for.

  • Spend time on your CV

In the current ‘lock down’ situation, many are finding themselves inside with more time on their hands. Now is the perfect opportunity to brush up your CV, both online and offline, and ensure that your profile and abilities will not be passed over.

  • Talk to a recruitment consultant

Recruitment consultants have their fingers on the pulse of what is happening and right now that is a huge advantage for you and is knowledge you should tap into. As a specialist recruitment consultancy for the animal health industry, our team understands where the short, medium- and long-term opportunities lie and can help you to drive your career in the direction of success.

Our team of expert recruitment consultants are on hand should you have any questions or need any advice, so feel free to contact us for a free and confidential chat.

Stay safe.