Life post Lockdown – A Chance for Change?


The last few months have given even the strongest optimists a run for their money but as the world starts to emerge from life after lockdown, we are taking the opportunity to find the positives and look for the bright spots here at Noble Futures.


 “If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles.” – Confucious


We know from clients and even from our own work here, that lockdown has brought many challenges – however it has also allowed us to pause, a moment to reflect and perhaps even a reset.

Some companies have made small tweaks learnt and developed from lock down such as Working from Home and virtual meetings for colleagues and clients that they will keep in place going forward. These forced introductions have been welcomed by many and with these increased remote working potentials it has seen a huge surge in work life balance for many that they are keen to keep.

Meanwhile other companies we know have seized the opportunity to completely reset, altering future visions and adjusting new launches or developments or work directions to meet the new world that awaits us and with those changes are exciting new hires, new careers and new opportunities within the industry.

These positive opportunities are not just available on a company wide scale but also to each of us as individuals. We can use this chance as a restart to our work methods, processes and attitudes too and when we return to work in the new normal we can really return with the habits and work behaviours that we choose to go forward with.



Are there any new habits to your working day during Lockdown that you learnt were beneficial adaptations? Perhaps you found that your daily hour walk gives you refreshed concentration when you return to your desk with renewed focus? Or maybe it was taking proper lunch breaks rather than rushed sandwiches over your desk, calling colleagues to keep in touch or getting a full night’s sleep giving you a positive boost.

Take the chance before rushing back to normal to learn which new habits really benefitted or helped you and make sure to bring those forward to your daily life rather than slip in to past negative habits.



Take a chance to refresh. Look at the employee, manager or colleague you want to be when returning to the workplace and consciously make the choice to embrace these adaptations for your future self.

Do you want to be more motivated to drive sales, perhaps encourage staff to be more self-driven rather than managed in daily tasks or even the lock down community spirit showed you kindness and you’d like to bring this in to the workplace too? Give yourself time to sit and reflect on who you want to be going forward in the return and set these as ambitions and actions for you to work on.



Perhaps the lockdown gave you a bigger reflection and you’d like to take the chance to completely reset. We’ve had several calls from candidates where this time has granted them the opportunity to change direction or work towards a new end goal. Is now the time to seize that career change you’ve always wanted? Has it made you revaluate the time you once spent away from home commuting or travelling for work? Maybe it’s given you a chance to set steps in place for the role progression you want to make happen or perhaps it’s even made you revaluate your current role and career satisfaction and you feel like a new role may be the answer for you.  Life after lockdown really can be your opportunity for change.