Tell us a little about you
I live in a small town just outside Glasgow where I live with my husband, child and our dog Gilly.

I grew up practically living at the farm next to me, you would always find me with my stubborn Shetland or playing with the lambs each year when they were born. I’m so glad my child gets to experience that also. We have a campervan that allows us to pack up and have adventures over the weekend, my favourite place in Scotland is in Glencoe, the pass is just incredible.

Where did your career start, and how did it
evolve to where you are now?

I think most people in recruitment have almost fallen into it, myself included. However, as soon as you start placing the right people in the right jobs, you get such a great feeling of achievement.

I absolutely love the feeling when a candidate calls absolutely delighted to have got their dream job, knowing you were instrumental in that. I have worked in recruitment for over 10 years now, in both Temp and Perm roles and I still love it. I have worked my way from a complete novice to a Branch manager previously. Which has been an incredible journey. Now I love that I get to work for a great company in a position that allows me to focus on my clients and candidates.

What do you enjoy about recruitment? 
I enjoy the process. This role can be so rewarding depending on what you put into it. Follow the right processes and you almost always get positive results. It’s a fantastic feeling when you offer someone the role and you hear that excitement in their voice, knowing you have helped them secure their dream role or more money etc. I have built some great relationships through recruitment, my closest friend is someone I placed in a role a number of years ago, and we have kept in touch ever since.

What do you enjoy about working in the
animal-related industries? 

I grew up around animals, on the farm or with dogs. I am passionate about responsible breeding and farming. Supporting farmers and preserving high standards. I think we have some incredible clients and being able to match up the fantastic talent we have with our candidates is great. I think it’s a changing industry, things progress quickly and it’s great being a part of that.

What do you look for in a candidate? 
I look for honesty. I need to know exactly what the candidate wants and needs, and what their expectations are from the role. This allows me to match them up properly with our clients. Nothing worse than getting to the offer point and discovering there is an issue.

What is the one thing you think every CV
should have? 

Up-to-date and professional contact details. Have a simple and clear email address and ensure your number is correct.

What is your top career advice? 
Find a job you love. We spend so much time at work, it should be something you enjoy.

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