Tell us a little about you

I have always lived in Worcestershire, I didn’t move too far away from the family farm which is a few miles up the road! I live with my partner and three kids along with my dog “Hugo” and African Grey “Zulu”.

Jane & Zulu

Where did your career start and how did it evolve to where you are now?

Having grown up around agriculture and having a strong interest in Animal Health and Nutrition, I was drawn to a commercial career within the industry. Back then, I didn’t want to be on-farm with a customer unless I was adding value or delivering a worthwhile solution that could ensure optimum health and production for their Animals.

Being a people person, I was drawn to a role where I could help others fulfill their ambitions as well as work closely with companies that were looking for the right talent. Recruiting in the animal-related industries made complete sense as it encompassed my knowledge for the industry as well as my passion for those sectors.

What do you enjoy about recruitment? 

Making dreams happen. There is no better feeling than finding a candidate a role that will unlock their potential and set them on the path to a fulfilling career. It is also extremely rewarding to see successful businesses thrive because of the amazing candidates that the team has put forward.

I have grown up and continue to be around cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, dogs and cats.

What do you enjoy about working in the animal-related industries? 

I enjoy working with like-minded people in the animal-related industries who share my passion for animals.

I have grown up and continue to be around cattle, sheep, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats. Working closely with companies that are passionate about keeping these animals safe and healthy is extremely fulfilling!

What do you look for in a candidate? 

Passion, drive, and a determination to succeed.

What is the one thing you think every CV should have? 

A good personal summary. A short paragraph at the start of a CV summarising a candidate’s background and aspirations going forward gives the hiring manager a strong indicator of what the candidate is looking for.

What is your top career advice? 

Be bold. Be brave and never underestimate yourself.