Join us on the 24th of March at 8pm for the latest of Noble Future’s popular Live Career Q&A Events.

This month, Tony Noble and Barbara Arndt will be joined by the fantastic Tim Kirby, as they discuss Tim’s career to date, from his early days in practice, a move into industry, and what inspired him to launch Pet-Bond and take that leap into self-employment!

This session offers some fantastic advice and guidance for those who have been considering diversifying out of practice as Tim will share insights and details of his move to self-employment, what encouraged him to take steps into social enterprise and how Tim’s passion for sustainability and animal rights have helped guide his career to date.

This session might also interest our industry partners, who may wish to join the session to discover new partnership ideas from a true modern-day philanthropist who has already contributed so much to Animal Health and Welfare.

Pet-Bond is Ireland’s most safe & trusted online platform where anyone can source a happy & healthy pet. It was founded by Tim after discovering that 1 in 3 of all puppies sourced online will either die or become very ill during their first year of life, and so he designed an online space where with peace of mind, new owners could safely choose from approved breeders and rescue-centre options. You can find more out about Pet-Bond at their website plus access their fantastic resource guide here

Noble Futures are really looking forward to this free fantastic event and we definitely recommend early registration so you don’t miss out on securing your space:

Our live Q&A box will be open throughout the session for your direct questions with the team, but we also welcome any questions ahead of the evening at [email protected]