A hugely welcomed return within the animal-related industries for 2021 is London Vet Show, due to take place in London eXCel on November 11th and 12th!

Since the last show in 2019, this key event in the industry’s calendar has been sorely missed by many as a chance to reacquaint with connections, old and new. So the announcement of the show’s return for 2021 caused much celebration in the Noble Futures offices, as the return of the event, means the return for the incredibly popular Noble Futures Exhibitor’s Lounge!


Noble Futures Exhibitor Lounge – London Vet Show 2019

We are thrilled to sponsor this lounge to provide a welcome space for all exhibitors to rest, meet and work during the show. We know all too well ourselves, how energetic trade shows and events can be and how appreciated a good cup of tea, coffee, bite to eat, and a comfy seat can be during these shows for those working on the stands and so we are delighted to be able to provide this service for all our fellow exhibitors during the whirlwind 2 days at the eXCel.

Noble Futures Exhibitor Lounge – London Vet Show 2019

We are also delighted that our lounge can be the base for so many to meet again and spend a few moments off the stands, catching up with old acquaintances and finally connecting face to face with new friends made online over the last 2 years!

It is never just a case of returning though with Noble Futures, as we are always keen to make sure we come back bigger and better each year, and so for 2021, we have been working hard to deliver even more variety of snacks available, including gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives, plus improved tea offerings and a more relaxing environment to take respite from the hustle and bustle of the show environment. We have also increased our charging points with multiple 3 pin and USB charging available, meaning devices have an opportunity to recharge as well as exhibitors!

This isn’t our only exciting improvement – knowing the show will be that first welcomed opportunity to reconnect after 2 years, we anticipate there may be many sore feet and a few sore heads following the first day back at the show, so Noble Futures will be hosting a brand new feature for 2021 – An exhibitor’s breakfast!
Available from when the hall first opens its doors for exhibitors, the Noble Future’s exhibitor lounge will be open to collect a nourishing and restorative breakfast for you and your colleagues to get your Friday off to a great start before the hall opens to delegates.

It has been a long 2 years, but we are so excited to open our doors to the Noble Futures Exhibitor Lounge again and welcome you all back.