Once a favourite of the daily commute, limited to just 20-40 minutes of a morning or evening, Podcasts have seen their user ratings fly through the roof over the last few months of lockdown, as people look for new and interesting shows to listen to.

These small episodes are perfect with so many genres to choose from, whether it’s comedy, factual, sport or current affairs. Their light entertainment has broken through the repetitive cycle of music on people’s daily background choices and can include the listener in a style of conversation that helps alleviate some of the loneliness brought on through lockdown.

However one genre is soaring in popularity within the podcast world – career and business, and it is easy to see why.

Listening to these bite sized episodes as you start your work day have inspired and motivated listeners. People report it can help them get in the right mind-set to start their work day (something that can be especially tricky to do whilst working from home during the lockdown).

For others these podcasts have opened up an accessible way to receive insightful and current advice. There are dedicated episodes discussing how to ask for a raise, how to manage a difficult team or how to ask for that promotion – all helping listeners feel ready to embrace that next challenge.

More niche shows dedicated to particular careers, can help increase a level of industry knowledge once restricted to just those with the best networking skills, they give you an opportunity to hear some of the names behind the brands and how they operate.

Outside of industry specific episodes, some shows interview or give insights in to some of the world’s leading business minds that otherwise would only have come from reading a lengthy biography. Whilst you may not be leading Microsoft tomorrow or managing Google’s marketing the day after, episodes where business analysts discuss and review these CEO’s or General Managers whilst they navigated new product launches or handled difficult situations – all give valuable take-aways that you can include in your business approach.

If you’re ready to listen to something new, we’ve listed some of our favourites below to get you started!

Business Podcasts – These should be easily found through your preferred podcast provider.

The High Performers Podcast

Hosted by Jake Humphrey, this podcasts grills high performers from business superstars like Steven Bartlett to sporting legends and Olympic winners, to “find out what non-negotiable behaviours they employed to get them to the top”

Squiggly Careers

Hosted by the founders of Amazing If, Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis offer tips and insightful advice on how to take control of your career development. With not just formal career advice they even have recent current topics like ‘how to stay resilient’ and ‘belonging in a virtual world of work’.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Make work better – Each week Bruce Daisley talks to scientists and experts on how we can improve our jobs. This podcast is also great at investigating and breaking down the cultural dynamics that have made and hindered huge brands such as Microsoft, Uber and Liverpool Football club.

TedTalks Daily

Not always limited to business, Ted Talks brings you discussions and ideas on ‘every subject imaginable’ – however there are a huge selection of career related talks and personal development topics that are definitely a thought provoking listen.

Veterinary Podcasts

Webinar Vet – Vet Chat https://www.thewebinarvet.com/pages/vetchat-podcasts/

Hosted by Ben Sweeney, we love this 2 series podcast for conversations dedicated to veterinary professionals. The episodes talk with a variety of industry leaders, from Webinar Vet CEO Anthony Chadwick, to Jade Statt, co-director and founder of Street Vet – even to our very own Noble Futures founder and Managing Director Tony Noble.

V.S.G.D https://www.vsgd.co/podcasts

Brought to you from the creators of Vet.Stay.Go.Diversify, this brilliant podcast covers both veterinary and career. Insightful interviews and advice on adapting or growing your career within animal health.

RVC – Clinical Podcast https://www.rvc.ac.uk/small-animal-referrals/news-events/clinical-podcasts

Dedicated to more clinical based topics, this podcast has over 114 episodes for you to go back through. From detailed pharmaceutical and surgical based topics through to covering the Christmas shift, this great podcast series really delves in to the daily life in practice.