In the ever-evolving world of animal and agricultural-related businesses, staying ahead in the game is crucial. One integral aspect of this journey is acquiring, nurturing, and retaining the finest talent in your organisation. That’s where Noble Futures, a premier recruitment partner, steps in to make a difference. Noble Futures is delighted to host a series of insightful exhibitor workshops at the 2023 London Vet Show, designed exclusively for hiring managers. The primary focus of these sessions is clear – Success through People.

Day 1 – 4:10 PM: Success through People – Insights for Le Grand Fromage or any Hiring Manager (and we will supply the cheese [and wine])! 

Gallery Suite 10

Undoubtedly, one of the most pressing concerns for hiring managers has remained consistent over the decades – the art of attracting, developing, and retaining key employees. However, the landscape in which these employees operate and what motivates them in their careers has undergone a rapid transformation in the past five years.

Our first session will delve into these crucial changes. Here, Tony Noble, CEO and Founder of Noble Futures, will share insights to help you attract top-tier talent to help you deliver your company’s goals and targets. We will also discuss strategies to ensure your business keeps pace with the ever-evolving needs and desires of today’s candidates. After all, the goal is not just to attract them but to make your organisation their long-term career choice.

Alongside sharing our insights and top tips, we have a delightful surprise for you – a selection of fine wines and cheeses to make your learning experience even more enjoyable!

This event is exclusive to hiring managers and requires pre-registration here.

Day 2 – 9 AM: Success through People – Hiring Managers, Wake up and Smell the Coffee! 

Gallery Suite 17

For hiring managers, every day brings new challenges and opportunities. One of these recurring challenges is to attract, develop, and retain exceptional employees. While the challenge remains the same, what motivates the modern workforce has evolved significantly in recent years.

Our Day 2 session aims to serve as your early-morning wake-up call. Just as coffee jumpstarts your day, our insights will energise your approach to talent management. We will discuss the strategies needed not only to attract but also to retain the talent that builds your brand. In this session, we’ll also explore how your business can align itself with the evolving needs of top talent to ensure your organisation is their long-term career choice.

As with Day 1, this event is exclusively for hiring managers and requires pre-registration. To kickstart your day on a positive note, we will provide an assortment of tea, coffee, and pastries.

So, mark your calendars for these workshops, and let Noble Futures guide you on your journey to unlocking success through people. Join us at the 2023 London Vet Show, and together, we’ll take your organisation’s talent management strategies to the next level. 

Success is just around the corner, and it starts with your people!