The Noble Futures team are sending out warm wishes this month as the country and continent experiences a blanket of beautiful snow and chilly breezes.

With the Veterinary Marketing Awards approaching and the judges busy reviewing entries this week, we thought you might enjoy a few tips to help ensure that the creative fire keeps burning in your office, despite the chilly temperatures! Watch your caffeine intake This might be a controversial point to make as many of us live for that morning coffee, especially in this weather. However, studies have shown that too much caffeine can increase our stress hormones, which in turn tend to decrease our efficiency and productivity. Practice mindfulness Mindfulness if often a word associated with practices such as yoga and meditation, however it simply refers to keeping control of your mind when it begins to wander.

Try to stick to the 50/10 rule The 50/10 rule refers to a structure with which to build your hours around. By working for 50 minutes and allowing yourself a break of 10, you’ll increase your chances of working to your maximum efficiency for those 50 minutes. Get your heart rate up Exercise might be a difficult feat to attain in the office, but something as simple as going for a walk in your lunch break will provide a quick wake up especially in this beautifully fresh air we’ve been experiencing. Or why not simply take the stairs instead of the elevator and get your heart pumping?

We wish you all the best in this period of cold weather and are looking forward to seeing many of you at the VMAs. Noble Futures is a proud sponsor of the VMA Marketing Campaign Award and our team is looking forward to seeing which campaigns will emerge victorious on the 16th of March in London! For more ways to get your heart pumping, read on for our exciting, most recent vacancies and industry news.