Transferable Skills to Impress Interviewers

Over the last few weeks, we have noticed that the quieter periods in the lockdown have given many of our candidates the opportunity to reflect and act on pursuing a career change they have long been considering. Whether it is the move from practice to industry, making the leap from nutritional to pharmaceutical or perhaps swapping from a sales role to a management or support position – over the years at Noble Futures we have guided many candidates through these changes of direction. In today’s post we thought we would share our best advice on how to present yourself in an interview for a completely new field, by selling your transferable skills.

Transferable skills are those that can be applied across different roles. They may be personal attributes that you’ve developed over time. Or they could be more niche skills that you’ve acquired through training. Some fundamental transferable skills that will always help you stand out during an interview are:


Express yourself clearly and with confidence. Demonstrating proficiency in written and verbal communication is a sure-fire way to impress an interviewer.


Answer the question asked. Listening is more than hearing what is being said, it’s about being able to interpret the message and act accordingly.


Teams that work well together, achieve more. Employers are typically looking for people who work well and get along with others.


Demonstrate that you’re able to organise your own work schedule and can adapt to and deal with unexpected issues that arise.


Leadership is a skill that most employers look for in all employees, regardless of seniority.

However if a career change is something you are seriously considering, it is worth spending some time now looking through your experience and personal life to see what other skills you could offer a new role.

Career changes often mean that your CV will be lacking in the particular experiences for many of the job’s responsibilities so an interview is your vital opportunity to showcase your transferable skills and dedication to a new direction.

The amount of time you have in an interview is limited, so make sure to prepare. Once you have identified your best transferable skills, continue to think of some great, real-life, examples that demonstrate them.  Prepare and practice giving answers to commonly asked interview questions that showcase your highlighted skills and try to think of examples that show how these skills will help you meet the new jobs requirements and add value to their business.

If a change in career is something you’re considering or something you’d like to discuss the possibility of, our consultants would love to help. You can talk to us in the strictest of confidence on +161 820 3510 or via email on [email protected].